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Google Duplex starts rolling out for Non-Pixel Smartphones

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Google Duplex is part of Google Assistant, and it can call restaurants or businesses to schedule an appointment or reservation for you without going through online booking systems. The addition of Duplex was announced at Google I/O 2018.

How Google Duplex Works

Duplex has a robot call the business, talk to an employee, and take that information to schedule an appointment or reservation based on what you asked for. When the Pixel 3 did finally launch, it became more widely available, but was only limited groups of people for beta testing purposes.

We can actually comfirm that Duplex is rolling out to other devices like the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Google Duplex really does make life easy for those who don’t have the time call to make a reservation or appointment yourself. It takes under a minute and Google handles the rest for you.

There isn’t just one voice, Google’s voice technology is able to generate voices from a range of AI people, with different personalities and styles of speech. Duplex does an incredible job of understanding the real human interaction patterns, and it almost seems like a way ahead of the voice technology currently in the Google Assistant or Siri. One might even believe that Google has a call center of actual humans standing by to respond to requests made via Duplex.

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