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Google’s Project ‘Yeti’ Streaming Console to Rival Xbox Scarlett and PS5

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For gaming enthusiasts around the World; rumours that Google was on the verge of unveiling their own gaming console codename ‘Yeti’ is not surprising. The console will take a different form than game systems we have seen in the past and has a chance to seriously shake up the industry. Below is everything you need to know about Google’s rumoured console.

Image Credit: @RepsUp on Twitter

The tech giant has filed a patent this revealed the controller that will be used to interact with Google’s Project Yeti gaming console. The patent document details illustrations and some exciting features with regards to the console such as a notification system on the game controller that will let players know when a new title is available, when a new invitation has been received, or when there is a new request to chat. However, the patent also contains a slew of illustrations of the controller that will be used with the system.

Image Credit: Filed Patent by Google for Project Yeti

These illustrations formed the basis of a series of lush high-resolution renders created by Twitter user @Reps, which reveal what the finished product could look like. The resulting controller is a boxy design and makes use of the red, yellow, green and blue colours in the Google logo.

The controller has a small button with an icon of a microphone, which suggests either voice commands or voice chat will play a large part. It seems likely that Google Assistant will play a large role, given the emphasis in other Google products.

The new streaming service reportedly codenamed “Google Project Yeti” inside the company, could rival next-generation hardware from the likes of Sony and Microsoft.

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