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Google Unveils ‘Live Transcribe’ To Aid People With Hearing Loss / Hard of Hearing

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The World Health Organization estimates that by the year 2055, there will be 900 million people with hearing loss. We believe in the power of technology to help break down barriers and make life a little easier for everyone ” – Google

Google announced early this week that it’s launching a
beta for a new Android feature called ‘Live Transcribe‘ aimed at helping people who are hard of hearing or with hearing loss. The feature accurately transcribes real-world conversations and turns it into real-time text/captions using just a smartphone’s microphone.

Credit: Live Transcribe / Google

Google’s Live Transcribe is an accessibility-focused project that is designed for and with people with hearing loss, communicate without making special arrangements or purchasing expensive equipment.

Credit: Live Transcribe / Google

Live Transcribe is available in over 70 languages and dialects. It also enables two-way conversation via a type-back keyboard for users who can’t or don’t want to speak, and connects with external microphones to improve transcription accuracy. The app is able to translate to any language of your choice in real-time as well.

How To Use Live Transcribe

  1. Your mobile device requires Internet connection to use
  2. Enable the app in Accessibility Settings in your device settings
  3. Start Live Transcribe from the accessibility button on the navigation bar.

Live Transcribe will gradually roll out in a limited beta to users worldwide via the Play Store and will be pre-installed on Pixel 3 and 3 XL devices. It is also important to note that Google does not store transcripts on its servers, so you theoretically retain privacy and security.

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If you have an Android phone and think Live Transcribe could help you or someone in your life, click  Sign-Up and be part of the Google Live Transcribe Beta Test

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