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Facebook Rolls Out ‘Remove for Everyone’ feature on Messenger

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” The Remove for Everyone feature allows you to unsend messages on Facebook Messenger “

Facebook first rolled out this feature on Whatsapp Messaging App dubbed “Delete for Everyone” and it’s inclusion in Facebook Messenger is not too surprising. The ‘Remove for Everyone’ feature will be seen in the latest version of Facebook Messenger App on iOS and Android users globally.

The feature saves you the embarrassment when you send text in haste. Facebook seem to have included the delete or unsend feature in Whatsapp, Instagram and now Messenger. We all make mistakes and we all end up sending such messages at times. The Remove for Everyone feature will allow users to not regret later on by allowing them to delete the message. 

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Unfortunately, the option to delete a sent message is only available for ten minutes after the message has been delivered and when the other party hasn’t seen the message. On the downside,once you delete a sent message, the recipient receives a notification indicating that you have deleted something.

How To Use The Remove for Everyone Feature

To delete or un-send a message on Facebook Messenger:

  1. Tap and hold on the message. You should now see options such as Remove, Forward, Copy and Translate.
  2. Select the Remove option and you will be presenting with two choices: Remove for Everyone or Remove for You.
  3. Choosing the first one will delete the message for both the sender and receiver. 
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The feature works in both Single and Group conversations. If you are not seeing this new feature in your messenger, that means you need to update your app immediately.

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