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Gmail Is getting these 3 useful Inbox features.

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In their quest to improve user experience, Google is adding some useful features to the Gmail App. According to a Reddit user who posted screenshots of the build, Gmail is getting some Inbox App features and stated that these currently features are under internal testing right now and might take some awhile before these features are fully intergrated into the public Gmail app.

The 3 features highlighted per screenshots reported by the redditor are “Bundles, “Pinned emails”, and “Reminders”. Bundles was a handy feature on Inbox that allowed users to bundle similar emails into a group so interacting with them at once would be possible. Users will be able to delete or respond to the bundled emails with a single swipe.

With the Pinned emails feature, users have the ability to pin important mails on the top of the list seen and access quickly. As can be seen in the screenshot,  the feature has a Pin toggle on the top, which when turned on, shows pinned emails.

There’s also Reminder feature that also on the top of the screen. As you can see, the “Send email to John” is a reminder that Google’s AI might have detected from a prior conversation which is in need of a reply.

In addition, the UI has been given a new minimalistic Material UI look and feel.

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