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Facebook testing A MemeBank For Teens Called ‘LOL’

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LOL by Facebook aims to aggregate the funniest memes (with enormous reaction and engagement) from News Feed and concentrate them all in one place. The idea behind LOL is a way of bringing teenagers back to the social media platform.

LOL would be a home to memes and GIFs and will be categorised into topics like Animals, Fails, and Pranks, among others. Facebook confirmed it is working on the product to TechCrunch; it’s still inconclusive to say that LOL will become a new feed part of the main Facebook app or launched as a standalone app.

Facebook confirmed the app’s development to TechCrunch stating that “We are running a small scale test and the concept is in the early stages right now.” The beta testers see the LOL feed instead of Watch, but Facebook says it will not be integrated in Watch.

Facebook seems to be losing out to Snapchat clones like Poke and Slingshot, standalone apps like Lifestage, with regards to Teen engagements. With teens increasingly turning to ephemeral Stories for sharing and content consumption, Facebook is desperate to lure them back to its easily-monetizable feeds. Collecting the funniest News Feed posts and concentrating them in a dedicated place could appeal to kids seeking rapid-fire lightweight entertainment. 

With LOL users can filter the LOL feed to show categories like “Wait For It”, “Savage”, “Classics”, “Gaming”, “Celebs”, “School”, and “Stand-Up”, or tap buttons atop the screen to see dedicated sub-feeds for these topics.

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