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Huawei Testing Google’s Fuchsia OS compatibility With its Kirin Chips

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Google still working to release the new Fuchsia OS to the general public soon. Fuchsia system per report gathered, will be different from Android but however, Google is designing the Fuchsia OS to be fully compatible with Android apps.

With this new development the Chinese smartphone manufacturing giant, Huawei, is already optimistic about the positive strides Fuchsia OS is making and has quietly assembled a team joined in testing the compatibility of this system on their Kirin chips.

Per the reports gathered the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) shows that from the specially updated source code, Fuchsia OS uses a specially designed Android runtime version (ART) to run Android applications. This decision is key to the survival of Fuchsia OS after its launch.

Outlook on Google Fuchsia OS

Google is very close to announcing this new system which is any moment from now. Huawei may also be one of the first OEMs to use the Fuchsia system owing to the fact that they keenly are following its development.

Google’s new Operating System Fuchsia based on reports will run on mobile phones, tablets, and even PCs will no longer use the Linux kernel but based on the Zircon micro-core written in the Flutter engine + Dart language.

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