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In 90 Days Google Plus Will Be Shutdown. Here’s Why

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Google + Will Be Shutdown in 90 days due to a Data Protection Breach

Google has found breach in form of bug in the Google Plus Social Network and this breach has affected at least 52.5 million users and after analysing the situation they noticed that this bug exposed the details of user to unauthorized persons. This breach however disclosed the “name, email address, occupation, and age” of user of the platform even if accounts had been set to private.

In October this year, Google decided to pull the plug Google+ to the public after finding data on 500,000 of its users had been exposed per a report by BBC.

“With the discovery of this new bug, we have decided to expedite the shutdown of all Google+ APIs [application programming interfaces]; this will occur within the next 90 days,” wrote David Thacker, head of product management for G Suite, Google’s range of apps offered to businesses.

However, this latest admission of exposed data comes a day before Google’s chief executive Sundar Pichai appears in Washington to face a Congressional committee. This doesn’t look good for the tech gaint knowing what happened to Facebook in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal that shook Social Media.

Now the big question ” Is social media Safe for  our kids and ourselves? ” Because all these tech giants with their secured and sophisticated data protocols are being breached, how much more you and I.

Think about it.



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