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WhatsApp is Rolling Out A Ranking feature. Check Out How It Works

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WhatsApp has developed an essential feature that is yet to be pushed to iOS and Android.  This new Whatsapp feature will now rank your friends in order of how often you interact and the type of content you share with them. The feature will automatically arrange your contact list by pushing your favourite friends status updates to the top of your list. Status updates will also be ranked based on the same preference.  Fortunately for iOS users, they are getting this new feature today.

The ranking feature works based on analysing interactions on the messaging app such as:

  • How much you chat with a specific contact per day ( so if you send and receive messages normal ranking if you send receive media — good ranking — if you ignore the message — bad ranking).
  • If you are used to calling a specific contact ( Gets the Highest Ranking).
  • If you and a contact are in the same group and you interact with each other (with replies and mentions).
  • If you view or ignore a status update published by that specific contact.

Status updates published by the contact with the highest ranking (that should be contacting you interact with more) will be always at the top of the list, so you will be quickly able to find your favourite status updates. After the rollout of this new feature, status updates by your contacts will not be seen in chronological order again (who updated their status first) but based on how best you communicate with your friends and family.

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The Ranking feature it will require some time before WhatsApp is able to rank all your contacts so till then your status list will be in chronological order until Whatsapp completely analyzes your usage pattern and behaviour.

According to Whatsapp the ranking feature just works locally (On Your Phone) meaning no data is sent to WhatsApp/Facebook about your user preference and no data is stored on their servers.


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