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Android Go Phones: Able And Affordable

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For most, smartphones are becoming the only computers they need. They use them for everything from checking their bank accounts to reading the news, checking out Betway Ghana online betting and keeping in touch with their friends and relatives working or studying abroad. But smartphones can get pretty expensive – some of them cost a fortune, and even those deemed “affordable” in other areas may be out of reach for many. But, thanks to Android’s lightweight “Go Edition”, smartphones with limited hardware capabilities can benefit from the latest, safest software. The results are phones that are up-to-date and affordable to almost everyone – like the ones below.

Nokia 1

Nokia 1 is one of the greatest phones running Android One. Its design is similar to the one used with the Lumia line before HMD took the smartphone brand back to Finland – an outer plastic shell that makes the phone surprisingly durable and a small size that makes it fit in any pouch or pocket. The Nokia 1 has a decent hardware – a quad-core, 1.1GHz SoC, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, a 5MP camera, a decent battery, and a price tag of around $70 (approximately GHS 330).

The Nokia 1’s big brother, called Nokia 2.1, has a more powerful hardware (1.4GHz quad-core Snapdragon 425, a 4,000 mAh battery, and a larger screen), it has a more elegant design and a slightly higher price – around $115 or GHS 550.

The Nokia 1 and the Nokia 2.1 are both globally available.

Region-specific handsets

Many Android Go-powered smartphones are available only in specific countries – but, thanks to e-Commerce, they can be delivered pretty much anywhere in the world. They all share a similar hardware – most of them have quad-core processors, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, and 5 to 8 MP cameras – and prices that are always around $70. Some of the most notable such models are Huawei’s Y3 2018, a 5″ smartphone with an 8MP camera available in South Africa for around GHS 350, the ZenFone Live L1 by Asus launched on the South-East Asian market, with specifications and price similar to Nokia’s 2.1, and the Micromax Bharat Go, available in India, that has specifications similar to the cheaper variants above but the lowest price of them all, around $65 or GHS 305.

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There is only one thing left to see: whether there will be an Android 9 Go. Alphabet has recently launched its latest operating system – let’s see if it turns the “lightweight” OS into a tradition and offers Android Go users an update to the latest version. But, considering how many smartphones out there run older Android versions, this might not be that pressing of a problem, after all

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