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Save Money, Save Data : Monitor Mobile Data Usage With Google Datally

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Everyone runs out of data sometimes. These moments can be very frustrating. Try Datally by Google Now

Do constantly ask yourself  ” What did I  do to exhaust my data this fast?” Or ” If your service provider skimming or siphoning your data and reselling it to other customers? “

The worse part is when you get that dreaded notification ” You have consumed 50% of  your mobile data” when you just made a top up a few hours ago . Don’t switch to another mobile network just yet Try Datally.

The app allows the user to track, save , analyze and monitor data consumption to help determine which app or service uses more data, at what time , how much data is used  and it gives you the option of regulating or simply restricting certain apps and background processes from consuming your data.

Here are four ways Datally can help you save even more

#1 Guest Mode

With guest mode, Datally allows the user to still  stay in control when giving your phone to friends or family.

This feature gives you the option to set the amount of data you want someone even before you hand your phone over.

How To Enabling Guest Mode on Datally

  • Launch Datally
  • Select Guest Mode
  • Set the amount data you want the guest can use (Use can even set a password to prevent anyone from overly using your data)

Setting Daily Limits With Datally

Daily Limit helps you control your own data use. You can set the maximum amount of data you want to spend per day, and get warnings when you’re about to bust through your limit.

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  • Open Datally
  • Select Daily Limit
  • Set the amount data you want to use within the period. You can choose to block data for the rest of the day or keep going.

Emergency bank


Emergency Bank saves some of your data so you have it protected for later just in case you need it.

  • Select Emergency Bank
  • Enter your balance and how much data you’d like to save for emergencies, and Datally will automatically block your apps from using data once you reach your emergency data allowance.

Bedtime mode



Check your data balance before bed, then check again when you wake up. It should be the same, shouldn’t it? Too often, apps drain your data overnight. Bedtime mode turns off all of your phone’s data usage at night.

  • Select Bed Time Mode
  • Select your bedtime and wake up time. Datally makes sure your data isn’t draining while you’re dozing.

If you’re looking to save more data and more money on every data package you purchase, just download Google’s Datally

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