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Protect Your Privacy : How To Detect A Hidden Camera/Microphone in a Room

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Are planning to lodge into a hotel room ?Meeting someone in an office for a sensitive meeting? Visiting someone you have doubts about? Do you feel like you’re being watched? If your answer is Yes, trust your instinct and follow these steps below

In this day and age where sextapes and secret meetings seem to be popping up all over, be very smart, careful and alert. There are tonnes of smart recording devices, miniature microphones and pinhole sized drones of discrete shapes and sizes which are sometimes very difficult to make out. Don’t you ever leave your privacy to chance because even people you trust the most can be the worst perpetrators.

Remember and perform these quick steps :

How to Detect Hidden Cameras in a Room

Do a physical search of the premises. This involves a slow, meticulous sweep of the room. Initiate a conversation with the person while you do this so they are not aware you are on to them.

  1. Look around for anything that seems different or out of place, such as flower arrangements, pictures on the wall or in unusual areas, or lampshades that don’t look normal. Look out for a speaker that might have a camera in it.
  2. Listen as you walk the entire room quietly. Many small, motion-sensitive cameras make an almost inaudible click or buzz when they operate.
  3. Upon reaching your room, turn off the lights, close the blinds or curtains and launch your phone’s camera, look out for around for tiny red or green LED lights. Some microphones have “power on” indicator lights, and if the person who sets it up is careless they may fail to cover or deactivate this feature.
  4. Be sure to do a 360° turn in the room with your cell phone camera opened / launched. When a green or red dot (LED light) is spotted on your screen, it probably means there is a hidden web camera installed.
  5. If your camera does not detect any green or red dot (LED Light), then the room should be safe.

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A Quick Way To Detect A Hidden Microphone

You can use your cell phone to pick up electromagnetic fields.

  1. Place a call on your cell phone, then wave the device around where you think there might be a microphone. If you can hear a clicking noise on the call (like the feedback you may get when you go closer to a radio while on a phone call), it means your phone might be interfering with an electromagnetic field.
  2. This step is for high profiled personalities but then if you can afford one, why not. Get an RF signal detector or other bug detectors. If you seriously believe you are being spied on, buy an RF (radio frequency) detector and do a sweep of your room, building, or home. These portable devices are small, simple to use, and fairly inexpensive. However, there are bugs that use multiple frequencies in rapid sequence called “spread spectrum” that an RF detector will not pick up. These bugs are used by professionals and require a spectrum analyzer and an experienced technician to find.
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To our ladies do not record yourself or go to the extent of letting someone record you. The World is a dark place. Be Safe Out There and Remember the internet never forgets

We hope you found this article helpful? Kindly share with friends and family. You might be saving someone from a lifetime of embarrassment.

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