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IOS (Apple) Users More Likely To Be Lucky At Love Than Android Users, Survey Finds

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Dating in the digital age is seriously Complicated

There are a number of factors that can determine whether someone finds you attractive or not, such as your political bias or your preference for For music and movies.

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In today’s tech-obsessed Global Village, your choice of a smartphone may also have an impact on your love life.

A new survey has found that 70 per cent of singles would prefer to date someone who owns an iPhone instead of an Android, with nearly two in five stating that they believe the phone an individual uses can affect first impressions when on a date. The survey of 1,502 singletons in the US was carried out by Decluttr, a company that helps customers sell unwanted tech items.

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In addition to the conclusion that iPhone users were deemed as being more romantically appealing than Android users, the study also unveiled some other interesting tidbits regarding dating in the digital age.

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