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Speak Your Truth To the World. Create Your Own Podcast Right On Your Phone With Anchor Podcast App.

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Have you heard about Voice Blogging (Podcast) ? No need for WordPress, Editing or HTML skills just your voice and your truth.

Voice Blogging; some call it Podcasting is on the upsurge and you can do it too if you prefer to express yourself in your voice than to compose an article/blog post/status update. With Anchor Podcast App, you can record a high-quality podcast, host unlimited episodes, and distribute everywhere with just one click, all 100% free share on Google Podcast, Apple Car Play, Spotify, etc.

Before Podcasting became popular you needed high-end recording gear, sound equipment and you had to spend endless hours editing; to get the perfect product but now Anchor eliminates all these bottle-necks.

Anchor Podcast App gives you some of the best features and capabilities that allow you to create your voice post and share your stories with the World right from your phone.

With Anchor, you will be able to easily record and share audio without the need for special tools or technical know-how and their primary objective is to remove the obstacles that would-be podcasters face, from hosting fees, to the needs for special editing software, and the lack of insight into how well podcasts are being received by listeners, among other things.

Anchor drops users straight into a podcast creation screen, with colour-coded buttons for using Anchor’s various features in addition to the big, red Record button. Also, there are buttons for recording with friends; for call-ins (now called voice messages, meant for direct, private conversations); for adding music from Apple or Spotify; and for adding transitions from Anchor’s built-in library of sounds.

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As you create and use these components, they appear as drag-and-drop modules in a visual editor on the screen, so you can move them around to create your podcast episode.

This all colour-coded as well, as is a bar at the top of the screen showing the length of each audio piece you’ve assembled. And Anchor has dropped the 5-minute limit on recording your voice, too.

After you’ve finished your edit, you can push a button to publish the podcast for availability on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Overcast, Pocketcasts, Stitcher, Amazon Alexa devices, Google Assistant devices, Apple HomePod, Android Auto, Apple Carplay, and, as of today, Spotify.


Also in the new app, and to a greater extent on the web, Anchor now offers podcast analytics which shows things like plays per episode, total plays, downloads, and more. On the web, these are available as charts and graphs, and there’s a section showing which platforms listeners are coming from, too. The web version offers a more advanced editor with the ability to upload audio files from your computer and re-use recordings from your Anchor history.

Anchor Podcast App: Web Version with Analytics


Currently, there are more than 2 million podcasts available in the app, with tens popping up each passing day.

Stop the countdown already and Start now!!

Download the Anchor at the links below.

Download Anchor iOS / Play Store / Web


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