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Change Your Huawei/Honor EMUI To A Default Stock Android with OpenKirin

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OpenKirin is a new project that brings stock Android ROMs to a variety of Huawei and Honor devices. It currently supports 17 phones and tablets running EMUI 8.0. Huawei will shut down its bootloader unlock service on July 22, so act fast if you want to change your Huawei or Honor EMUI to a default stock android.

What is a Stock Android ROM?

A Stock /Firmware Android ROM is an official software that is designed by the manufacturer for a particular device  or you can also describe it as a software does not undergo any cosmetic/functional changes in the code by the hardware manufacturer. For example Android running on Google Pixel, Nexus devices.


What is a Custom Stock Android ROM?

An OEM or Custom Stock ROM is another kind which a stock firmware undergoes interface enhancements, modifications and manufacturer specific application installations. Examples of custom ROMs are as follows Android running on Huawei/Honor(EMUI + Huawei Apps), Samsung(TouchWiz UI+ Samsung Apps), Xiaomi (MIUI+ apps), HTC (HTC Sense+ apps), Asus (ZenUI+ apps)


Lets cut to the chase and break down exactly Huawei wants to do with its OpenKirin Solution. The smartphone giant is giving its users the chance to revert their Android OS that is EMUI to the RAW Unadulterated  Android from Google without any Huawei apps whatsoever. Aint that cool!!

OpenKirin is a team of developers who believe that a pure, AOSP Android experience should be easily available for users running Huawei devices with Kirin chipsets. The project delivers stock Android ROMs to selected Huawei/Honor devices running EMUI 8.

Huawei/ Honor Versions That Supports OpenKirin

Huawei devices that can undergo such changes range from their high-end devices like the Mate 10 Pro, Honor View 10 to budget-focused handsets like  Honor 6X, P10 Lite, P Smart. Check out the full list of devices in the images below.

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Huawei EMUI 8.0 and above support the Project Treble. Project Treble is a system mandated by Google for Android Oreo and beyond, makes it much easier for manufacturers to update their phones to newer versions of Android. The ultimate aim of the project treble is to make updates faster and easier for OEMs to roll out to devices.

Are you a Huawei/ Honor devices User? Are you interested in flashing your device to an OpenKirin-backed version of Android? You can start by requesting a bootloader unlock code from Huawei, though this service is shutting down on July 22  you should act soon if you’re thinking about it.

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