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Surfline Shortcodes : Check , Recharge and Top Up Data Account Balances

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Surfline is undoubtedly the first and one of best 4G LTE companies in Ghana, leading single largest LTE ever deployed in Sub-Saharan Africa. The ISP hit Ghana with a first of its kind 4G internet service, $G LTE enabled devices, a SelfCare Web Portal, tailor-made services, etc. Surfline offers some of the best packages and services on the market with innovative and convenient ways to help customers get value for money. Some of these are:

  • Checking Data and Balance through the SelfCare Portal (obviously requires internet)
  • A USSD version of the SelfCare (No internet requirement)
  • Data Plans, etc.

We have compiled Surfline Tips, Tricks and shortcodes to help customers check, recharge and top up data bundle using various payment methods and cashless platforms in Ghana

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How to Check Your Surfline Data Balances on Phone

  1. Dial *718*77# on MTN, AirtelTigo and Vodafone handset
  2. Enter your Surfline SIM Number (025xxxxxxx)
  3. Choose Option 1 (Check Balance)
  4. Exit the USSD Menu and wait patiently for balance detailssurfline_TechHabor


Buy Surfline Data with Mobile Money

  1. Dail *389*7# to purchase Surfline bundle using Mobile Money.


Buy Surfline Data Using USSD

  1. Dial *718*77# on MTN, AirtelTigo and Vodafone handset to access the USSD Menu
  2. Enter 3 to select the Purchase Bundle Option
  3. Enter your Surfline SIM Number (025xxxxxxx)
  4. Select your preferred bundle category ( Enter 00 for more bundle options)
  5. Select your preferred bundle
  6. Exit the USSD Menu and wait for the successful purchase confirmation message.

Buy Surfline Data with expressPay

  1. Download the expressPay App from PlayStore or App Store and Login
  2. Select Surfline Data Bundles in the Featured lists
  3. Enter your Surfline Account Number and Account Description
  4. Save the account details for subsequent transactions in the future
  5. Click on Next to Choose a payment method, Select Your Preferred Payment Method and you are good to go
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