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Create Your Personal YouTube Videos, Tutorials with VLC Screen Recording.Here’s How

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Screen recording is the best way to capture activity on a computer. Out of all the third-party apps out there, we recommend VLC Media player to serve your purpose with ease and the best part is VLC is absolutely free to download and has lots of other useful features we will be outlining in subsequent posts. If you have been looking for a simple way to record your desktop and maybe share the video on YouTube, well you’re in luck because we got you covered. And Oh! you can record your desktop in various formats and the video quality is not compromised.

How to Record your Desktop Using VLC Media Player

#1  Launch VLC media player in your Windows and then select the option Media and then Convert/Save option there.


#2 Select the tab Capture Device and now you will see the screen to capture that is Desktop and then you can adjust the “Desired frame rate to capture” and then simply click on convert option there.


#3 On the Convert screen window and Select the option Browse, and select the destination folder where you want to store the captured data, make sure you choose some convenient path to get your files saved.

#4 Set the Video quality you want to record in, ( the higher the quality selection, the bigger the file ) if you have a  low configuration PC, then opt for medium quality otherwise video recording will get lag. 

#5  Click on the Save and your recording will start and Stop whenever you want to stop it. Once the recording is done you can see the saved file in your destination folder.

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