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Google’sTriangle App Will Help You Earn And Save Mobile Data

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There are few countries around the world, where users don’t need to worry about the mobile data consumption because of unlimited tariffs. However, there are countries like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa,etc where users still get limited data packages and have to manage mobile data efficiently.

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Our lives are becoming more connected, users are using more and more apps on their Android devices which demand more data. To sort out this issue, Google had begun testing a new app which goes by the name ‘Triangle’

The Triangle app from Google is in beta phase and acts as a data saver and it can block apps that are consuming mobile data and lets the user earn bonus data. Triangle app lets users see how much data they have left, see what apps are using that data and also let users restrict data usage on a per-app basis. Users can also set up a time limit for any specific app to use mobile data.


Triangle is in beta phase and currently being tested in the Philippines, the app allows users to earn bits of data as a reward for trying out apps. The reward system is being tested with Smart and Globe prepaid users in the Philippines where users are rewarded for using the apps that are recommended by Google.

Triangle app is not the only attempt from Google to manage data usage. Google has announced a Data saver mode in its Chrome browser that can save up to 70% of your mobile data while browsing. Users can enable it in Android by going through Settings>Data saver.

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Users are also able to see their prepaid mobile data balance, as well as get an overview of their data-hogging apps. The carriers are offering data rewards through Triangle, as well, which lets users download and try new apps without impacting data, and encourages the use of existing apps in exchange for extra data added to their accounts.

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