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Meet Google’s Mobile Data Saving App Dubbed Datally

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Mobile Data doesn’t have to be confusing, expensive or hard to control.

Mobile data is expensive for many people around the world. And what’s worse, it’s hard to figure out where it all goes. That means you’re never just chatting, playing games or watching videos on your phone you’re also anxiously keeping an eye on how long your data will last. No need to manually turn your data ON / Off in your quest to manage mobile data. Let Datally do all the hard work for you.

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With Google’s Datally, saving mobile data is way easier. It is a mobile data manager that will help you to monitor, save, and gain control of your data. Through tracking and controlling app data usage, you save more data and get the most out of your phone.

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Google’s Datally helps you do these things:

Datally provides users with the best way  to gain control of your data usage;

#1 Data Saver – Use Datally and save 30% of mobile data through controlling data usage on an app-by-app. Control and limits data on specific apps while still enjoying the apps you want.

#2 Data Saver Bubble – Have full access to front and centre controls to see real-time app data usage, and block an app’s data usage if things get out of control.

#3 Data Usage Metrics – With Datally, one can easily track your data and understand which apps are using the most and learn more about your data usage, including usage history, trends over time, and per-app usage.

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#4 Personalized Recommendation – Users can see data usage highlights, prompts to rate Wi-Fi networks, and reminders to turn on your data saver.

#5 Wi-Fi Finder – Datally Wi-Fi finder helps you discover great Wi-Fi networks nearby with details like distance to watch more videos, browse more pictures, and download more files.

Before connecting, you can see how other Datally users have rated the Wi-Fi network, and you can also rate Wi-Fi networks that you’ve connected to

Datally is on Google Play Store for all phones running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher.

Download Datally

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