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Send/Receive Paypal Funds (Money) Using Facebook Messenger

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Facebook is adding tonnes of features to the app. This in our opinion is making the tech giant a one stop shop for almost everything being done on the internet today like Playing Instant Games in Facebook Messenger, Sharing Screens, WiFi Locator, Live Group Broadcasts,  Facebook and a host of other amazing features.

The tech giant has added the ability to send/receive money through Facebook. PayPal announced it’s collaboration with Facebook to integrate Peer-to-Peer payments  in Facebook Messenger. Sending money through Facebook Messenger is as easy as sending a picture.

Using PayPal Payment in Facebook Messenger

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  • Press the ‘+’ button when in a chat with your friend(s) and select the green ‘Payments’ button.
  • Enter the amount you want to send and press enter. Users can also receive money from anyone through Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has introduced a customer bot which will guide users to receiving and sending money. You can also use PayPal to shop on Messenger and books rides through different ride-hailing services.

According to a statement by PayPal,

the ability to send and request money in Messenger one of the most widely used apps in the world gives people more choice and more convenient ways to get things done in different contexts. Whether it’s splitting a bill for a cab ride or a night out, paying for your share of the rent, or making sure you get paid back for Mom’s birthday present, PayPal makes exchanging money between friends and family simple.

This new feature is currently available on iOS only and will soon be available for Android users as well.

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