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Facebook adds a “Share Screen” Feature For Facebook Live Broadcasts

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Facebook has just added a new and amazing feature which will let you share your screen during your Facebook Live sessions.  This feature works during audio and video broadcast sessions as well. This “screen sharing” feature has been long awaited and users who always sort help from 3rd party apps to share their screens can rest easy. Here’s how Share Screen Work :

How Facebook Share Screen Works

You start a live stream on Facebook, you can press the “Share Screen” button anytime to start sharing the screen. This good this new integration in you can also share live audio broadcast. Ain’t this Cool or What !!!

For first time users this is how it works. Anytime you try to sharing your screen , a prompt will  ask you to download a Chrome extension called “Facebook Screen Sharing”. The extension is currently available for Chrome only, the Mozilla Firefox extension is not available yet.


There always has been like Open Broadcast Software, Camtasia Studio, Share X, Snagit, Quick Time, XSplit Broadcaster, VLC, etc. With the introduction of this new feature Facebook is now cutting out the middleman and is offering the feature itself.

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