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Facebook adds “Find Wi-fi” Feature to its Mobile App

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Facebook just added this amazing feature to their mobile app to help users find accessible Wi-Fi networks. The company had begun testing a “Find Wi-Fi” option last year on mobile, which highlighted free, public Wi-Fi networks nearby. At the time, the option was only available on iOS in select countries, as something of a test.

Today, the “Find Wi-Fi.” feature has been enable on iOS and Android devices right here in Ghana. Check your notifications now and you might see this feature. Have you see it? Check Again or update your Facebook mobile app to a newer version.




“Find Wi-Fi” is one of the newest additions to the app and can be located under the “More” tab in the Facebook mobile app. Once you locate the “Find Wi-Fi” tab, you will receive a prompt turn it on. Afterwards, Facebook displays a map showing the closest hotpots, as well as details about the businesses that provide them.




The feature is also has embedded in it,  a directional map that points exactly where the suspected wi-fi signal is coming from and how long it would take the user to get there.




This new feature appears to be very handy and will allow Facebook’s 2 billion monthly users to constantly stay connected to the platform and spend more time using the app which is the main end-game of the Social Media giant.


The “Find Wi-Fi” tool also serves as another way to discover local businesses. That means users might start turning to Facebook to find the closest food joints with Wi-Fi, instead of using Google Maps. This new feature is definitely a ploy to capture Google Maps frequent users.

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