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Use Google Classroom a free cloud based Platform for Schools and Educators Now

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Schools and educational institutions this side of the world have concentrated so much on the traditional ways of teaching as a result most of our students are sometimes overwhelmed with the constant use of the internet and technology in teaching and learning when they move outside the continent.

The Internet is constantly changing not only education (teaching and learning) but its also reshaping our entire way of life. To be a successful school in this day and age, you must improvise and use modern tech. One of such innovations by Google is Google Classroom . 


Google Classroom is a 21st Century Classroom Tool built for schools and educators to help teachers save time, organize classes, and improve communication with students.

Educators around the globe can use this platform to teach their students and even their peers how to use Classroom.

With Google Classroom, a teacher can stock the platform with their own design instructional videos and resources based on the school’s curricula. The platform is  accessible anywhere, anytime on an internet enabled device.

How To Set Up Google Classroom

The platform also has videos explaining how to get started with Classroom, teacher-created videos on best practices, as well as teacher-tested tips.

Want a hard copy? Printable resources, including a Getting Started guide and Group Study guide, are available on the hub for teachers to use right at their desks.

It’s like being in your school’s teachers’ common room or at an all Teacher Professional Development Event except it’s all online.

How to assigning and grade work in Google Classroom


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For every educator ready to use Classroom, there is always someone available  ready to help.

Google Classroom has a new feature called  #FirstDayofClassroom.

#FirstDayofClassroom is designed around a simple premise: When teachers need help, other educators on using Classroom will assist them.

Google Classroom encourages collaboration between teachers, students, parents and educators at large to enhance active participation in education.

Are you an educator? Do you want to use Technology  to enhance teaching and learning with a very limited budget? 

Your answer is Google Classroom



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