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Google to unveil its own Snapchat Clone called Stamp?

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After Facebook took a major swipe at Snapchat, resulting in Snap Inc’s stock plummeting on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Google is also about to unveil its own clone of the “Snapchat” app with a project of there own dubbed “Stamp”.

Stamp is said to be a news service similar to the Snapchat Discover category according to an investigation by the Wall Street Journal. Google is working with publishers on its news product called Stamp that would submit articles in a similar design to a mobile magazine, similar to Snapchat’s Discover service.

Google’s Stamp might be announced as early as next week. Stamp from reports is said to be an evolution of AMP, a product that helps load media articles faster.

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The success of the open-source AMP project stems from the ongoing collaboration with publishers that involves working on the next features soon, the tech giant Google said in a statement. We have nothing to announce at this time, but we hope to share sooner.

Google seem to be following the creations of Snap like Facebook did this year with products like . However, Snap has been changing the Discover feature of its application, with plans to focus on more episodic video content.

The tech giant Google would have tried to buy Snapchat in 2016 according to information disclosed by Business Insider, obtained from people close to the company.

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