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Origgin E-Prepaid : Buy ECG Prepaid Credit on your smartphone anywhere, anytime

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E-Prepaid By Origgin

The introduction of prepaid electricity metres by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) came at a time where the public institution was cash trapped and saddled with huge debt. The Prepaid Metering System was introduced to help get back money’s that were owed them and to ensure proper accountability in the Energy sector of our country.

This new technology came with nationwide approval but what we failed to envisage was the inconvenience the Prepaid Electricity Metering System brought to Ghanaians, at a time where vendors for the service were almost non-existent as compared to the numbers we have across the length and breadth of Ghana even though they are woefully inadequate and have persistent network challenges almost anytime there’s a heavy downpour. The only place you could purchase ECG Prepaid Credit when it was first introduced in Ghana,  was exclusively at ECG offices and no where else.

We have had to live with the nightmare of joining long snaking queues wasting hours just to buy electricity power for our homes and workplaces. Not to talk of the inconvenience of your lights going of in the middle of the night or whiles you are ironing for work.

Kane Mani, CEO of Origgin

Kani Mani CEO of Origgin, a young and innovative Techpreneur in Ghana and his team at Origgin developed the E-Prepaid and with this platform, consumers can purchase E-Prepaid Credit for ECG Prepaid Meters, anywhere, anytime via their smartphone and the coolest part is payments will be made through Mobile Money or Visa / Mastercards. According to AfricaPostOnline, Kani Mani stated that

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” I developed E-prepaid because I got tired of the long queues and driving to point of sales. I said to myself I am a technologist, I should create a more convenient way to access electricity. Then I realized others had the same problem so I rallied my team and we got to work.”

This is simply amazing and we at Tech Habor applaud the Origgin Team for their timely intervention.

Origgin’s E-Prepaid is scheduled  to be launched this month.

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