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Get Prompt Deliveries from the US to Ghana with Eazyloop

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It is mostly difficult and expensive to get prompt and straight deliveries  to Ghana from the US. One company that is breaking barriers to ease the pressure that comes up deliveries is  Eazyloop.

Eazyloop has now begun offering global deliveries with focus on US deliveries to Ghana, which is something you should be looking forward to.


With Eazyloop’s experience in handling deliveries, the company is looking to build a name as the default delivery provider for international packages.

With this service, Eazyloop will provide a shipping address to any of their warehouses in the US so customers can ship their items there. Like other services, customers pay for the delivery cost and it’s delivered to Ghana within 10 working days for air freight or 30 working days for sea freight.

Andrew Nyakpo is Eazyloop’s Business Development Manager and offers some insight into this new product.

“We are on a mission to improve efficiency and drive down the average delivery time. Our uber-esque local delivery service has been running for some time but we see the need to add global deliveries to enable us come full circle on our offering. We are currently focusing on the USA. We look to expand into the UK and possibly China soon.”

The Eazyloop web app allows you to add your cards so you can pay. But even for international shops that don’t allow Ghanaian cards, the Accra-based startup is willing to purchase on your behalf, as you settle with your card later. Eazyloop is quite confident that will save you money, though your items will arrive within 30 days.

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For global requests, you have to do is enter the link to the item online, the total quantity and the total price. The system calculates your cost and notifies you in the case of the sea freight and via SMS in the case of air freight.

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