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Lifestyle 101: 10 Go to Beauty Hacks for Girls

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10 Go to Beauty Hacks for Girls

Show me a girl who isn’t keen on at least one beauty tip or interest and I’d show you a wingless bird in the sky. Girls all over the world have some interest one way or the other in beauty treatment no matter how “Tom boy ” they may appear to be.

Let’s look at some quick beauty hacks every girl might have used or needs to use for flawless skin.

#1 Sea Saltsea-salt-TechHabor

Sea salt skin scrub. Sea salt popularly referred to in Ghana as “ada salt” is good for removing toxins from our body through scrubbing. So anytime you happen to chance by an “Ada salt” do well to add it to your purchases.

#2 Carrot juicesCarrot-Juice-TechHabor

Fresh Carrots aren’t just tasty as a constituent of a vegetable Salad on a daily basis. They are equally good at fighting off certain unwanted things that turn up on our bodies.  One of the healthy components of carrots is it’s beta-carotene ingredient which is an excellent home remedy to get rid of pimples and known to help your body heal acne.

#3 Coconut Oilcoconut_oil_TechHabor

A world wide acknowledged super working oil is the Coconut Oil. Applying it on your face as facial mask improves the smoothness and glow of the skin. Using it on your face before applying a cream produces the same result . Other notable oils that give equal results include the Argan and Olive Oils

#4 Rubbing ice cubes on the faceice_TechHabor

Who ever knew that simply rubbing cold ice cubes on your body actually stimulates blood circulation and gives you healthier and glowing skin? Another reason to always have some extra ice cubes in the freezer.

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#5 Healthy eatinghealthy-eating_TechHabor

Many beauty experts attribute Scandinavian women’s glowing skin ( if you’ve seen the skin of a Scandinavian woman you’d know what I’m talking about) to eating healthy foods such as fish and berries which are high in antioxidants. One good reason to drop for meats and increase your take of fish.

#6 Rice waterRice-Water_TechHabor

Hold up! This is not our idea of what rice water is on our side of town. This rice water is a facial cleanser which is a composition of blended rice mixed with water. It cleanses your face, stimulates collagen production, and gives your skin a smoother texture.

#7 Using less face powdermakeup_TechHabor

Now this is what I’m actually interested in. Using face powder regularly can clog the pores and cause inflammation. So ladies please minimize the use of foundations and powder and of for some reason(s) you have to daily do well to practice any of the face cleansing methods stated here.

#8 Using potato to get rid of dark circles under the eyes

Sometimes the fries may have to wait as potatoes have more healthy beneficial uses aside tasting great in the mouth. Slice a raw potato into thin circles, and lay it over your eyelids for 10 minutes. Bam! Dark circles all gone.

#9 Snail slime

Just before you go ahead and make disgusting faces, this is one of the most popular ingredients of Korean face creams. That means If you are a huge fan of Korean Creams then yup you’ve had a bit of snail slime on your face. But that’s not bad. It’s actually really good as It has good healing properties and contains collagen and elastin.

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#10 White clay maskayilo_TechHabor

Lately people have taken the use of bentonite clay aka “ayilo” to a different level. Used as a Face Mask, the “ayilo” used, cleanses, nourishes, and in some cases whitens the skin.

These are basically every girl’s dream beauty hack to maintain and enhance their skin

What do you think? Which one have you tried and which do you intend trying??

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