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The Ethel Cofie Startup School Commences July 14

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One of the most common traits most entrepreneurs share is to share lessons from their journeys. Often, these lessons are quite scattered and individually may not provide the needed insights for newer entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs go forward with starting ventures that help them to share these lessons and other tips, in a more structured way.

Ethel Cofie, an entrepreneur and CEO of EDEL Technology consulting (Ghana’s IT consulting firm of the year), is starting a startup school which will commence on July 15. She is founder of Women in Tech Africa (Africa’s largest tech group with membership in over 30 African countries) and is regularly featured on CNN and BBC for her work.

She was recently invited by Oxford University and the German government as a Speaker at the G20 Africa Partnership Summit to speak on, The Internet; Africa’s Technology Resource and Digital Development: Realizing the Potential of the Digital Economy respectively.

Ethel started and failed her first business and learnt the lessons to build 2 successful brands. She brings these lessons to her annual startup school.

As she explains, “This course will help to fine-tune [participants’] business concepts during a hands-on boot camp. By communicating the hardships of being an entrepreneur, I and other speakers will provide [participants] with insights such as how you can create a compelling product, team leadership and creating a loyal customer base. Our goal is to provide participants with key pillars to build a road-map to make you more resilient towards failure and to create success systems.

The Ethel Cofie Startup School is sponsored by the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) and Dark and Lovely. It comprises of 2 days live workshops for entrepreneurs;

  • People that are looking to start their business
  • People that have just started their business 6 months-3 years



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Workshop Event with Subject Matter Experts: 14/15th July 2017
Location: AIA Dadeban Rd.

Tickets are available via http://ethelcofie.com/the-ethel-cofie-startup-school/

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