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4 New Whatsapp Features You Must Know About

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Whatsapp the World’s leading instant messaging app is constantly being updated to be with the trends and demands of the users. The app has significant update this few months which came with a lot of mixed feelings from users and I think people are gradually getting used to the change in the User Interface (UI) , User Experience (UX),etc.

Some of these 4 new Whatsapp feature have been speculated all our the internet but we can confidently assure your that features below are coming . Whatsapp Beta Testers already have these updates already:

  1. Pinned Chat


The pin chat feature in WhatsApp allows users to pin favorite chats on top of the Chats tab. With the new feature, WhatsApp users can pin up to 3 contacts on top of rest of the conversations. You just need to long press the chat and you will see the Pin icon located on the top.

2. Two Step VerificationTwo-Step-Verification_TechHabor

Whatsapp had recently rolled out the two-step authentication for Android, iOS and Windows users. This step adds the extra layer of security. This two-factor authentication feature prompts a user for a static six-digit passcode every time you register any new phone to the existing account.

3. Siri can read your WhatsApp messages (iPhone Users)

This feature actually comes in Version 2.17.20 of the app and it needed iOS 10.3 or later to work. Siri is Apple’s voice assistant and it can read your WhatsApp messages aloud.

4. New Video-Call ButtonNew-Video-Call-Button_TechHabor

Well, users needed to tap on the call button first and then choose between voice and video calls. However, the new update adds the separate button for Voice and video calls. This makes it easier to initiate calls.

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Kindly add any new feature your have heard about by telling us in the comment section below. Thanks

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