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Google #myAndroid Taste Test helps you customize your Homescreen

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Customize your phone from the way it looks to the way it works, you can make Android your own. Start by taking the myAndroid Taste Test. This is a quick, fun way to find the right home screen. People love Android over iOS that’s a fact and this is as a result of Android’s extensive customizability of  its UI. Through custom launchers, icon packs, wallpapers, and more you can personalize your device according to your taste.

 myAndroid Basics


myAndroid is designed to help you craft your home screen just the way you want it and this feature is exclusive to your phone. Treat your homescreen to an entire make over for free.

Features you need of your phone 

  • Get animated wallpapers that brings your homescreen to life. 
  • Icon packs change the way your app icons look on your phone.
  • Get different Icons that compliment your wallpaper
  • Widgets are useful displays you can add to your home screen.
  • Use gestures for speed
  • Get the new Google or G keyboard to add some personality to your Keyboard

Get myAndroid Taste Test Now. Start Here

Customize your Android phone’s homescreen with myAndroid Taste Test  with tonnes of designs to choose from. To start with go to https://www.android.com/myandroid/ 

answer  a few questions to help your tailor your homescreen according to your answers. The quiz takes no more than a few seconds to answer, and most of the questions only require you to choose between two options.

myAndroid Taste Test saves you from having to search for apps, wallpapers,icons and launchers on Play Store and other sites, and this reveals a whole new side to the Android platform to users. Most importantly,  Google wants to highlight Android’s personalization feature  for everyday users who might not realize what their phone can do.

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