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HDM Global unveils Nokia 3 at the MWC 2017

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For years, people have wondered what an Android-powered Nokia phone would look like. The company’s trademark design prowess, matched with Google’s software and stellar app support; a match made in heaven, right? Well, after all these years, we can finally find out. Sort of. HMD Global, a Finnish startup, has made four smartphones on Nokia’s behalf. One of them, the Nokia 6, was announced at CES, while the other three are completely new.  This year alone HMD Global  is unveiling 3 phones they are the Nokia 3310, Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and the earlier mentioned Nokia 6 at MWC 2017

Nokia 3 Pictures 

Image Credit: Engadget


Image Credit: Engadget


Image Credit : Engadget


Image Credit :Engadget

The cheapest and most cheerful is the Nokia 3. The €139 (roughly $147) handset has a 5-inch, 720p display and a MediaTek MT6737 processor buried inside. With 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a 2650mAh battery, it’s not the most thrilling spec sheet.

But Nokia says it’s paid attention to the details, crafting a device that transcends its modest components. How? Well, for one, it runs stock Android. Nokia has added some custom wallpapers and ring tones, but otherwise, it’s the same software experience you would find on a Nexus or Pixel.  Just Android Nougat and the promise of speedy software updates.

HMD says it wanted the “hand-feel, reliability and robustness” that previous Nokia phones were known for.

Source: Engadget

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  1. […] smartphone market with the next generation Android-powered Nokia smartphones. They released the Nokia 3, Nokia 6, 7, 8, 9 and the infamous Nokia 3310  .The newer version of Nokia’s smartphones […]


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