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How to convert Powerpoint (PPT) into Video

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Today we’ll focus on how you can convert Powerpoint (PPT) into a video. As we all know PowerPoint comes with windows and is very easy to use. We will use PowerDVDpoint Lite which is totally a free and best software available on the internet. This software turns your PPT into a video with all the animations and audio effects you added into your PPT. Few minutes back I used this tool and very much impressed with this so I decided why not to share this with my friends. I did a lot of research to find any alternate of this tool but in my opinion this tool is awesome. The best thing in this software is that there will not be any watermark on the final Output and the video quality is also remarkable.

Let’s just see how we can convert a PPT into a YouTube video using PowerDVDpoint Lite.

So you have a phenomenal presentation and wondering how you can convert it into a video and upload this onto YouTube. Use PowerDVDpoint Lite change over PPT to video for free with all the animations and sound effects you have into your presentation. Undoubtedly the quality would be great and as I said early without any watermark or any branding. You can download this toll from the link mentioned below. This process is very simple and will take maximum of 5 minutes, you only need to follow the instruction on the instruction dialog box.

Download PowerDVDpoint Lite.

Important : Set the timings and narration to your presentation before converting.

After updating the timing, Open PowerDVDpoint Lite and click on the Convert to video Files from Presentation.

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Image Credit : TechZib

On the next screen click on Add Presentations and select the PPT you want to convert from the location where you saved it. After this click on the next Button. As you can see in the image below :

Image Credit: TechZib

On the Next Screen you have to select the format of the output of your video. Basically there are four formats available which are MOV, WMV, ASF and MKV. You have to either MOV or WMV as YouTube accepts both these formats and they have also affirmed this in their help pages.


Image Credit: TechZib


You can also change the configuration settings of your video in the settings zone for example, whether you need the quality to be low, medium, or high. There are other options too as described in the Image below like: frame rate. The perfect quality for frame rate is 30 frames for each second. But I recommend leave the settings as it is as things are for techies.


Image Credit: TechZib

Now Click on the next button . On the next screen you only have to click on the Convert Presentation. Now You need to sit tight for quite a while relying upon the quantity of slides you have in your PPT.


After Completion you will see a pop-up notification dialog box. Just click ok and open the target folder. Your will get your video. You can now upload the video to YouTube and share your presentation to the whole world.


Features :

  • No watermarks on the final video output.
  • No compromise in quality.
  • If you are using Windows 2010, then you don’t need to install this software, you can just save the PowerPoint as video.
  • This tool can be used with any of the version of PPT.
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This completes the tutorial exercise on How to make a YouTube video from PPT for free. Don’t Forget to share this with friends.

Credit: TechZib

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