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Apply for your Ghanaian Passport Online Now. Read the Procedure Carefully

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Online Passport Register_TechHabor

In our earlier articles we hinted the introduction of an Online Passport Applications and Renewal System in Ghana and now we can  confidently say that the process has started. We advise that if possible, halt purchase of the passport application form (Manual Application) .  We think this process is faster and more reliable devoid of middlemen.

If you never followed our earlier posts please click the link below to acquaint yourself with the entire process to avoid mistakes because we have received calls from prospective applicants to the effect.

Apply for and Renew Your Ghanaian Passport online


This next link will help you understand the processes involved for getting a new or fresh passport applicants, renewal of old bio-metric passports, black book passports renewals ,etc.

Where and How to Process Your Online Ghanaian Passport


Before you commence the Online Passport Application go to these banks selected below for your online application vouchers. Please note these are the only three accredited banks:

Accredited Banks

Image Credit : passport.mfa.gov.gh


Get Started Now

  1. Type https://passport.mfa.gov.gh in your browser  url or address bar.
    Online Passport Register_TechHabor
    Image Credit: https://passport.mfa.gov.gh


  2. If you have successfully gone through this process already by virtue of our earlier post Click on Existing User to Login (To Track Your Passport Application Process) but if this is your first time, Click on the New User ? Register Here (Fresh Registration) . Please Read the Instructions Provided Carefully to fill the Registration Forms Below
    OnlinePassportRegister_TechHabor1Image Credit: https://passport.mfa.gov.gh
  3. After filling the Registration Form a Confirmation Code will be sent to the mobile phone number you applied with to enable you proceed to the next step of the registration.
  4. After entering the Confirmation Code an e-mail will be sent to you for final verification. (if you don’t have an e-mail address kindly create one NOW)
  5. After clicking on the confirmation link, this will lead you back to the main login page of the Online Passport Application. Click on My Application and Star a new Application
    Image Credit: https://passport.mfa.gov.gh


  6. Login_TechHabor
  7.  At this Stage Enter the Voucher Code and Click on Verify to proceed
    Enter Voucher_TechHabor
    Image Credit: https://passport.mfa.gov.gh
  8. Be sure to have Scanned Copies of your Bio-Metric Birth Certificate, Affidavit, Passport Pictures (Not More That 5 Days Old), Police Report, Gazette (In case of Name Change or Marriage)


Read the instructions carefully to avoid any mistakes. In case of any errors call immediately the numbers displayed below for assistance.

Help Line_TechHabor
Image Credit: https://passport.mfa.gov.gh

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