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6 Tips for Looking Great in Skinny Jeans for the Curvy sisters

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Being curvy is soo much sexier if you know the right clothes to wear to accentuate your curves and look more appealing. Here are six ways to rock skinny jeans without blemish if you are curvy:

Look for the right size


Choosing the wrong size for yourself when it comes to skinny jeans can be particularly disturbing especially if u are curvy and since most skinny jeans do not come with the size on the label, what u have to do do is to choose the right size that will flatter your curves and make your body more  appealing

Try on middle and high-waisted jeans


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So low waited jeans and skirts were elegant and stylish when It was the in thing but more fortunately for us all it’s not trendy anymore what I’ve realised is that high wasted or middle waited jeans accentuate your curves no matter your size or figure and perfectly hide your flaws. Try it you will like it


Color matters




Black is beautiful so is dark blue esp when you choosing a skinny jeans. Black is good at making you look slimmer than your normal size. One thing too is, it matches every color of top u go with aside making u look finer always go with black and dark blue skinny jeans.

Be creative with layers and textures


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Choose shirts, sweaters, blazers and jackets that fit perfectly and balance your figure. Accessorising will also add more glits and glamour to the entire dress up. Stay trendy, by also going for Kimono jackets to add more beauty to ur skinny jeans

Accentuate Your Waist





We all agree that an hour glass figure is more feminine and attractive so u can get your waist line accentuate by using belts u can also use shirts sweaters and flannel shirt to tie your waist to make it more slimmer and get the hour glass figure u so much dreamed of.


Choose the right footwear




Always try to wear elegant neutral color shoes that fit your jeans or choose footwear which goes with your jeans stay far away as possible from heavy boots masculine shoes and strap shoes let your jeans and curves do the talking.


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