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UEW Invigilators Attendance Reporting System

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UEW Invigilators Attendance Reporting System (UIARS) is a software designed to ease the work of Exams Officers in UEW by automatically generating various report forms after exam invigilating. The Attendance Reporting System generates reports such as Individual Claim forms and Total time slots for both Practical and Theory exams for all invigilators who were present during examination.

Background of the Software

After every exam conducted in UEW, exam officers generate various reports for the invigilation. This is not an easy task and exam officers are often burdened with the herculean task of generating these reports for onward submission to academic affairs of the university.

The software developer realizing this, discussed with the Department of ICT Education Exam Officer on how the problem could be addressed with technology. This gave birth to UEW Invigilators Attendance Reporting System (UIARS).

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Image Credit: UEW
Image Credit: UEW

Why use this software?

  1. It’s user friendly. It comes with an intuitive Interface design that makes its use easy even when it’s your first time of using it.
  2. It comes with various keyboard shortcuts to make data entry easier.
  3. This could probably be one of the many tasks exams officers do but if they can delegate some to the computer and concentrate on others, it will fast track other works they have to do.

The way forward:

This system (UIARS) can be expanded and made in a way that it can accept data from departments on campus so that these reports can be generated for every department with just a single click. The above means a web based system that can accept data from every exam officer and generate all necessary report after invigilations are conducted. This system can made intelligent to be able to make comparisons with a given criteria easily with various charts or graphs across various departments and these comparisons could be vital information for planning the subsequent examinations.

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About Developer

Ebenezer A. Barnes is a graduate (November 2016) of the University of Education, Winneba from the Department of ICT Education. He is currently a Teaching Assistant at the Department of ICT Education. His interest is in Computer Programming and uses these skills to solve real life problems and share experiences with colleagues and friends.
Other Software by the Developer

  • Quiz Management System (Quiz Master) for setting up and managing quizzes. Despite its name, it can also be used to conduct examination.
  • Personal Translator, a companion for visually impaired students to help them in their studies. There are few more software the developer is currently working on.
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