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Automate Cache Cleaning Process On Your Mobile Device

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Have you ever questioned yourself as to why cached data exists on your mobile device?, and do you know that these cached data consumes space in your mobile device?

Why does cached data exist?

When you visit a webpage for the first time, the web browser saves the layout of the website and commits it into memory. So that when you visit the website another time the page load will become much more faster.

This occurs the same way with apps to make it load faster. The more you use your mobile phone to access web pages and apps, caches pile up and they tend out to consume more space on your mobile device.

Why do i need to clear my caches data?

Clearing cached date doesn’t harm the mobile device but helps it in a way. For instance when you uninstall an app on your android device, the tendency of the cached data been left on your device it high and hence taking disk space.

Also the regular use of apps like Instagram and twitter piles up cache on you mobile device. On and on your mobile device either displays low disk space or begins to function sluggishly, This should prompt you to click your system cache to free your mobile device or tablet to perform at its peak.

How Do I Automate Cleanup Process?

One of the best app to use in cleaning up your system cache is CCleaner by Piriform.



I recommend CCleaner because it uses less resources on your mobile devices as compared to other apps and has a scheduler for cleaning. It’s functions include:

  • App Manager :  which gives you clear overview of total apps installed on your device and disabled apps too.
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  • Storage Analyzer : this gives you a full overview of apps, videos, images, audios, documents and other files




  • Scheduler : This scheduler makes it easier to automate the clean up process of caches, empty folders and other files which are not relevant on your mobile device. To use the scheduler you will have to purchase the pro version of CCleaner from Google Playstore and for just USD$2.31.




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