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The future of Breastfeeding. Welcome Willow!

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Our mothers and wives can now breastfeed with ease and with no stress at all. IoT is the future of Tech and its not leaving anything to chance.  The days of sore nipples, engorged breasts, mastitis, leaking breasts, low milk supply, overabundant milk supply, breast pain are over with Willow Wireless Breast Pump.

Everything you need to pump is right here. With an all-in-one design, Willow works quietly inside your bra, collects your milk in an internal bag, and tracks your volume through the app. Now you can move freely and do things real things  while you pump. Willow was unveiled  at CES 2017 .

The Willow smart breast pump system is designed to alleviate that pain by being hands-free, tubeless . The machine rests on the mother’s breasts under her bra and collects milk in a pouch that is stored inside the device. One bag holds four ounces of milk. For safety reasons, the bags are not reusable  the system comes with 24 bags to start.

Willow also has an app that syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth technology to deliver real time data to your smartphone the amount of breast milk being  pumped, milk temperature, milk production and timing. Mother’s can set your baby’s feeding times in the app and Willow will remind you as and when  to feed your child.


Willow Breastfeeding App for iPhone




If you have questions or concerns about how to use Willow, take to them now to find out more.

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