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Preparing for your WASSCE Exams? Get WASSCE Tutor Now

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Students in the West African Sub region can now use WASSCE Tutor as a learning aid and the fun part is teachers can also use it as a teaching aid in class. WASSCE is a periodic and mandatory examination used to test SHS students after their 3-4 years study in Senior High Schools across the sub region. With the course load and extra curricula activities some teachers are not able to complete the syllabus before students sit for this exams and this accounts for some major failures. A clear example is that 34% of the students who sat for the 2016/2017 WASSCE failed. Without a good and acceptable pass in WASSCE its virtually impossible to enter any Tertiary Institution. WASSCE Tutor was launched to solve this persistent problem and also address these issues.


dotLearn is a tech startup that currently focuses on online education and providing effective teaching and learning solutions to help education in Africa with the sole aim of making education accessible to all. Within 4 weeks of launching WASSCE Tutor had  reached 500 users.

With our tech, we’re bringing online education to millions of students across Africa  starting with our pilot: WASSCE-Tutor, an app to help students in West Africa study for the regional college entrance exam.

WASSCE Tutor is now available for all Android devices to download  here for free.

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Cost and Speed of Internet are the biggest barriers to online education in Africa. WASSCE Tutor uses a revolutionary technology  that makes videos are very light and so use very little data, meaning students don’t have to worry about their bundle. By spending 30 minutes a day revising with the app, students will be able to improve their knowledge of subjects taught in their classrooms and get good grades in their exams. WASSCE Tutor helps senior high school students overcome the WASSCE exams by providing small, easy to understand videos that explain difficult topics and practice questions from a database of past WASSCE exams. Students cannot blame their  failure in this years WASSCE exams based on the fact that  your teacher was not able to finish the entire syllabus on time. This is your chance to make amends and enter that university you have so dreamed of. WASSCE Tutor is here to help.

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Features of WASSCE Tutor

  • Easy to understand videos with simple and straight to the point explanations
  • Fast  and compressed videos, making video learning as data light as Whatsapp and as affordable as SMS.
  • Accessible everywhere you go.

Download WASSCE Tutor for Google Play Store now : WASSCE Tutor To learn more about dotLearn visit: www.dotlearn.org Please Like and Share this post. You can leave a comment in the box below.

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