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Lovely revolutionizes sex with Tech. Improve your sex life with this fitbit

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It is very difficult to talk about sex in public or in open places or even with some partners because of the way society treat sex. Some Marriages and Relationships are crumbling for lack of communication during and after sex. Sex should be part of a daily conversations. Lovely is what you will refer to as Tech meets sex.

Do you and your partner often do sex? Do you want to know how much sex you’re doing? And do you want to know how good it is and how good it could be? What is sex? Does anyone know? Can Lovely help us find out?

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How Lovely works

Lovely is a sex toy & app that makes couples scream with joy. Lovely sits tight on a base of the male sex organ and monitors your body movements during sex.

Data obtained is used to provide you and your partner with highly personalized tips and ideas that make your sex life even better.

Lovely all has an accompanying app designed to inform users as well. Created by Jakub Konik and Tomasz Bangla, Lovely is used on the male sexual organ to measures your position, speed, and attack angles. Lovely is not a vibrator but more of a sensor that also doubles as a stimulating sex add-on.

Once partners are done with the sex time you can look at your phone and get expert advice on how you did (Bad, Fair, Good, and Cool Ranchy) and what sex positions to try later.

It’s made out of body-safe, stretchy, silky-smooth silicone and learns what you enjoy in bed thanks to built-in sensors and the feedback you mutually give in the Lovely App.

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It also vibrates, stimulating clitoris, and slows down blood circulation inside penis, resulting in an enhanced, longer lasting erection.

Lovely is aimed at enhancing sex-related communication and that is one of the most important factors of a good sex life. Lovely makes it that much easier to express what you both truly want.

Lovely & Lovely App make it easier to talk about your sexual preferences and desires with your partner. With the App’s short questions and talking points you’ll both enjoy talking about sex.

Credit: Lovely 

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