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Is this some kind of Physical Authentication? SSNIT come again on this

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SSNIT is one of the most trusted autonomous government agency in Ghana. They manage almost 70% percent of Ghana pension funds. This is a very huge deal because almost 90% of the Civil servants and private companies have their pensions managed by SSNIT.


There has been a lot of complaints by subscribers  about the services rendered by SSNIT.

One of such complaint is that SSNIT wants it subscribers to come physically to their offices any time you forget your password. A simple two way phone verification can be used to solve all this unfortunate issue. Check the Google phone authentication system.


Also SSNIT no longer sends periodic contributions via email and as a result you would not know if your employer is honoring payments on your behalf unless you go personally to SSNIT again to check. This is 2016 not 1916.

Is this madness or a new way of refusing to think or just plain negligence of people we pay to work?

SSNIT is one of the most innovative government institutions in Ghana in terms of technology but this new development is way below them. We must start thinking and learning from other countries before data swallows us.

Another issue I found absurd and sickening  was the fact that all SSNIT registered pensioners and subscribers had to go to SSNIT offices across the country for a Biometric registration, not even taking into consideration the health status of retired civil servants.

The weirdest thing about all this is, SSNIT has detailed fingerprints, pictures, detail bio data of all its customers or maybe that is not Biometric enough.

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Very Frail and sick looking retired civil servants had to wait their turn in long queues just to register again or risk losing their entitlements.

The craziest thing about all this is,  very persons had to be carried literally to SSNIT offices nationwide.

All this narrows down to exactly how unserious a developing country like Ghana is with technology and our future.

Every government institution now wants a Biometric system. I don’t get it,  if it’s just the word Biometric they find special or godly. We have spent millions of dollars on 4 different Biometric systems in Ghana; 1 for the Electoral Commission, 1 for the National Identification Authority, 1 for SSNIT  and 1 for the National Health Insurance Authority. Which serious country does this?

Why cant we as a country have a unified system where data of every single citizen immediately they are born or die will recorded and stored with reliable security systems (technologies)  and robust recovery in times of disaster?

Why should we spend millions of Ghana cedis we don’t have on 4 different Biometric systems at the expense of the taxpayer?

This must stop.

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