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The Smart Mobile Credit Scanner

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I got a whiff of this amazing Mobile Credit Scanner by Tenda Ghana a week ago and it has and will be my companion for a very long time. In this day and age convenience and simplicity  is  the hallmark of  tons tech innovations including softwares, automobiles,IoT, AI, etc. Mobile Credit Scanner is one of such innovations and also Tenda Ghana’s flagship product which can be downloaded on the Google play store and yet to be released iOS version.

There are a lot of services such as Mobile Money,  Slydepay, Zeepay, etc that help customers to load mobile credit when you don’t have cash or you don’t want to use the cash in your pocket for some obvious reasons. The question I ask always is how much is charged for the mobile credit transfer transactions they render?

What is the Mobile Credit Scanner? 

It is a smartphone app that helps users load mobile scratch cards codes easily and with ease. And the fun part is it is a free to download app on Google Play Store and will be released for iOS users soon.


Tenda’s Mobile Credit Scanner works smoothly on Android 5.0 or later . Approximately 50% of Android  users in Ghana are on later versions and I hope the developers will take this into consideration and make the Mobile Credit Scanner compatible with all Android versions.


Tenda’s Mobile Credit Scanner is a very simple and easy to use app that ease customers the stress of typing the USSD code on mobile credit scratch cards. The Credit Scanner uses your smartphone’s camera to read the USSD code and automatically  sends the code to your phone’s dealer screen. All you have to do is to Press Send Button and you are good to Go. One exciting part is the Mobile Networks compatibility  feature, where users on all major phone networks in Ghana can user this app with ease and no stress whatsoever. Once a user chooses a mobile network, the apps saves this setting and does not require the user chosing again. Users also have the option of changing this setting at any time.

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User Experience 

The app is very fast, does not run into deadlocks and extremely simple to use even without fore knowledge. It uses your phone’s camera to capture the USSD code in a timely manner. You can zoom to focus on the code on your scratch card which is very cool. It’s doesn’t have any annoying ads too.

How to Download Credit Scanner on Google Play

  1. Go to Play Store
  2. Search for Mobile Credit Scanner
Credit Scanner_TechHabor
Mobile Credit Scanner Display Page on Google Play Store

Click Here to Download 

How to use the Mobile Credit Scanner App

After installing the app, all you do is:

  • Gently scratch your mobile credit card
  • Launch the Mobile Credit Scanner 
  • Zoom the camera to focus on your scratch card.

Mobile Credit Scanner_TechHabor


  • Choose your Mobile Network.

Mobile Credit Scanner_TechHabor 1


  • Press on send to load the scanned credit. 



Tech Habor is keenly following Tenda Ghana for similar innovative products and services in the Tech industry.

Click Here to Download 

Download Mobile Credit Scanner and Review the app. 

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