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Samsung is offering $100 credit to anyone who still owns a Note 7 to return them

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Samsung has gone through a lot these past few months after their Note 7 explosion debacle. Even though Tech Habor has not reported any of such incident in Africa yet, Samsung has lost it dominant street cred and Apple has capitalized on this to market their flagship iPhone 7 in the Asia markets where the former has its biggest market share. Samsung  is offering $100 credit to those who trade in their faulty Note 7 for any other Samsung phone.

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Crispy fried Note 7
Crispy fried Note 7

The news comes just one day before Samsung rolls out a new exchange program. Earlier this week, it stopped production and sales of the Note 7 following complaints that replacement devices were catching on fire. The company issued a massive recall of 2.5 million Note 7 smartphones in August due to what was believed to be an issue with overheating batteries.

For users who already traded in their device for another Samsung smartphone, the company will issue a $75 credit. This is on top of the $25 it originally gave those users.

Note 7 owners who want a full refund will receive $25 bill credit as a token of “appreciation and acknowledgment of your inconvenience,” the company said on its exchange program page. Users who choose a non-Samsung branded device will also get a $25 credit.

Before shipping the Note 7  would have to be packed and sealed in a fireproof box and handled with protective gloves.

The U.S. Department of Transportation is prohibiting air shipments for recalled lithium battery products and they have stress that handling will have to adhere to strict a safety policy before the would be accepted on any airplane or delivery service provider.

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