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Google has added Verified Fact Feature to its Search

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Google has kicked its search algorithm up a notch. Now the tech giant lets you know that the info you are searching for is verified fact hence every ounce of data will be have to be double checked especially from websites just like Tech Habor. I must honestly say this is a very innovative feature and it will go a long way  in various fields of research and in our everyday lives.

Google yesterday announced it will introduce a fact check tag on Google News in order to display articles that contain factual information next to trending news items. Now it’s time for all the company’s like Facebook to engage and provide verifiable facts in their searches.

Facebook has stepped into the role of being today’s newspaper that is, it’s a single destination where a large selection of news articles are displayed to those who visit its site. It appears amidst the cloud of personal photos, videos, status updates, and ads, but Facebook is still the place where nearly half of American adults  get their news. Almost a third of the news they provide might not be verified.

The new software uses Google’s Knowledge Vault, a huge database of verified of facts that Google has created. With the system, facts that web unanimously agrees on are considered a reasonable proxy for truth. On the other hand, pages that contain contradictory information are bumped down the rankings, the more untruths the lower the ranking.

Google gets the verified data from services like Freebase, Wikipedia and the CIA’s World Factbook and then creates knowledge triples that include the subject, relationship, attributes of the fact of every detail it finds.

So in order to verify a fact, all Google has to do is reference it against the knowledge triples in the Knowledge vault. To confirm the accuracy of a web page or a web site, the algorithm checks the site’s knowledge triples to determine how many do not agree with its Knowledge Vault facts.

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There are already quite a few apps available to help web surfers find out the truth. For example, LazyTruth is a browser extension that skims inboxes to identify known fake or hoax emails.

Ranking Websites Based of the Accuracy of information they put out

According to a report by Value walk,this paper hints that search results ranking algorithm could eventually include accuracy among the factors in displaying search results .That would be a major development given another study with with a random sampling of pages found that only 20 of 85 factually correct sites were ranked highly under Google’s current search method. Adding an accuracy or a trustworthiness factor to its search engine would mean more reliable and accurate information for the millions who use Google search every day.

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