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Microsoft to unveil new Surface at a New York event

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On the 26th October, Microsoft at an event in New York City will launch the new Surface 4 and other products. In a weird and unusual fashion the company sent out invites to the event in a backward-styled text. With all the buzz and about the new Microsoft Surface 4, we hope they wow their audience with new features in their Surface line, Surface Book and other products.

The event will be  tailored to focus on specific audiences in diversed fields:

  • Convergence – for Business Leaders seeking to explore emerging trends, discover new solutions and realize the opportunity to achieve more.
  • //Build – for Developers looking for the latest vision and direction from Microsoft.
  • Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) – for Partners focusing on how they can drive business growth with us and our partner channel to deliver solutions to our mutual customers.
  • Microsoft Ignite – for IT Professionals looking for what’s next in technology and skill building across Microsoft’s technologies.

The timing is certainly right on, both in terms of getting into the holiday swing of things just under wire and the fact that, just about this time last year, the company held a major event here in the city, in which it showed off a bunch of new pieces of hardware, including the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft Band 2 and debuted the Surface Book laptop.

Tech Habor delivered by given you the best pictures and live broadcast links of the Google Oct 4th event and Apple September 7th Events and trust us to deliver this time around at Microsoft’s 26th October 2016 event.

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  1. […] Microsoft event happened yesterday, 26th October 2016 as announced earlier by Tech Habor. The event was scheduled in New York with all the buzz around it, […]


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