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Facebook gives Events a standalone App

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The Facebook Events app launched on iOS in the U.S., and is coming soon to Android. Facebook’s core app will still offer its Events feature, so you won’t be forced to switch like with Messenger. Facebook is still considering how to promote or shortcut to the standalone product from its core app.

Over 650 million people use Facebook Events 100 million every day but it’s a smaller sect of hardcore extroverts who discover these parties and meetups, then invite everyone else.


Now Facebook is giving its most outgoing users a dedicated app for browsing and searching for stuff going on nearby. And thanks to the Facebook Events app’s ability to pull in calendars from your phone, you can see all your plans in one place, so you know when you’re free.

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According to Tech Crunch’s report, Events is perhaps Facebook’s most unique, differentiated feature. While you can create profiles, share content and chat on tons of services, there’s no real substitute for Facebook Events.

By doubling down with a standalone app, Facebook could make itself even more indispensable. Attending social, cultural and professional events creates memories people attribute to Facebook’s help. Events are also where people make new friends and take photos that end up bolstering Facebook’s network.

And if event promoters can get more organic reach thanks to the Events app, they’re more likely to post their events to Facebook and even pay to promote them with News Feed ads.

Events is one of Facebook’s oldest features, having launched in 2005. But while steadily growing, it was neglected until 2011 when Facebook began trying to recommend local happenings. Facebook ramped up the redesigns and recommendations in 2014, around when Mark Zuckerberg first suggested it could eventually get its own app. Events hit 450 million Events users by 2015, and this summer it started offering“Featured Events,” picked by human curators in major cities.

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