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LinkedIn’s Open Candidate now looks for possible job openings for all its users

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For prospective job seekers, LinkedIn is going to link you to job openings  and recruiting agencies. This option is also available for users who already have a jobs meaning you can switch jobs if you are not comfortable with you current one. This move by  LinkedIn, the social network for the working world with some 450 million members and recently acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion is turning on a new feature for its users who may be interested in quietly looking for a new job, while still employed somewhere else.


According to Tech Crunch, Open Candidates, as the new feature is called, will let those users essentially create a signal that will be viewable only to recruiters who use LinkedIn’s premium (paid) tier of service, and are looking for candidates like that person, to let them know they would be open to getting contacted about new job opportunities.

The new feature is being turned on globally as part of a larger revamp of LinkedIn’s recruitment products, which also include new and more dynamic Career Pages  customised pages that companies that are recruiting employees use to advertise themselves and a new way for recruiters to connect at the backend with their clients who are hiring to provide more seamless integration.

This and other features are formally being unveiled today at the company’s annual Talent Connectevent. Open Candidates and the other two updates are much-needed and perhaps overdue features for the company. LinkedIn’s recruiting business, which today lists some 6 million jobs, needs updating and innovating all the time to stay competitive. Open Candidates is perhaps the most interesting update getting announced today.

In terms of social networks, LinkedIn holds a unique place in the market for how it has approached the idea of watching and being watched.

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The company regularly tracks and updates users on who is viewing their profiles and other stats about their presence on the platform, essentially applying some of the mechanics of things like ad tech to its platform to highlight relationships and build connections. You can opt out of being tracked this way, and also from seeing these stats, but even if you don’t want to look or be seen, that information is still being tracked.

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