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Photomath app solves handwritten Math Problems

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People say Math is a difficult subject at least I did way back in primary school. After a while I realized Math is based principles. Trust Tech Habor to give you the best of the best apps. Photomath is here to sort you out.  Damir Sabol a product of startup Battlefield at Disrupt Europe in 2014 came up with this brilliant app called Photomath. All you need is the camera of your smartphone. 

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Photomath recently released version 3.0 of its popular app on the iOS app store, bringing a major new update that should make it even easier for iOS users to solve math problems. The app previously was only able to read printed text, i.e. from textbooks; however, the new app now instantly recognizes handwriting, so users can write out problems and have Photomath solve them by simply pointing their camera at the paper.

The update also brings a new math expert system, Photomath+, that solves problems similarly to how a human would, and walks users through how to solve the problem themselves with a colorful and useful step-by-step guide. This system seems to address the tension between having an app do your homework versus having an app help you learn.

The Photomath+ service is free through November 30, but will cost a premium after that time. Sabol tells us the company is still finalizing the pricing and subscription model for Photomath+, and more details on the price will be available later this year. The app’s core services, like solving problems with a camera, will stay free forever.

These new features are available for iOS now, and will be coming to Android by the end of the month.

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Download here now the Photomath app for iOS or for Android.


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