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Educational Apps for Students. Part 2

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Now your are back in School after all these months at home. Start your Semester right to end on a higher note than your last.  If you were not able to download the first, Tech Habor got you. These are some of the best back to school apps that will help you during every aspects of your school year, such as taking notes, help assignments, keeping up with your tasks.


Microsoft One Note


OneNote is great for school for both students and teachers. Take your notes during class with ease, mixing in text, ink, and web clippings. Use OneNote to organize your brainstorms, draw mind maps and develop your ideas for your next school assignment. As a teacher, plan your lessons and have all the information you need right in your pocket and on the go. Tech Habor recommends One Note as a very helpful school app

Download Free: iOS / Android / Windows


Cliff Notes


This perfect for those students who study literature and write papers on things they’ve read. Cliff Notes will provide you with information about every character, plot, or theme, as well as summaries of every book you read. The audio version is available here, so you can listen to all this info during walks or work to get ready for literature tests. Tech Habor recommends Cliff Note as a very useful educational school app

Download Free : iOS / Android




Your math homework or tests may be quite challenging. It is so easy to stuck trying to find the right answer. Try Mathway the mobile application that will guide you step-by-step while you search for algebra, geometry, or any other math solution. Enter your task into the application, and check if your solution is the same with one offered. Tech Habor recommends Mathway as one of the best and interactive and educational school apps

Download Free : iOS / Android


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What is the most difficult stage of essay writing? The majority of college students would probably say: creating a list of citations (do not forget that you have to know MLA or APA style to format it). If you are one of these students, EasyBib is the right app for you to download. Just enter a book’s title and get the right citation! All you have to do is copy this citation into your bibliography. Tech Habor recommends EasyBib as a very helpful educational school app

Download Free: iOS / Android / Windows


My Study Life


The free My Study Life app replaces any paper planner by keeping track of your workload across multiple platforms and devices. Manage your classes with week and day timetables, keep track of tasks and exams in the cloud and receive notifications to keep you up to date with exam schedules and classes. A clean interface and the ability to color code your classes make the calendar easy to read.Tech Habor recommends My Study Life one of the best educational school apps

Download Free : iOS / Android / Windows


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