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Microsoft Rewards will pay users for using Microsoft Edge Browser

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Surfing the internet demands some essentials like a very good and sustainable internet connection and also a very fast and convenient browser. With Google Chrome on top of the fray, most of the other browser are yet to establish market dominance.  In this regard,  Microsoft is using their  Bing search service via Microsoft Rewards to pay users for using the Microsoft Edge Brower in Windows 10 and some other Microsoft services and products. 


Microsoft announced  that Bing Rewards will become Microsoft Rewards. The concept behind this idea is that,  the more you use the Microsoft Edge Browser and some other related services and products,  the more freebies you will receive in return. With Microsoft Rewards the more you use Microsoft Edge you get points which will enable you to shop at the Microsoft Store for a reduced discount or even for free if you are an avid user of the Microsoft Edge Browser. 

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With Microsoft Rewards you can earn points towards Starbucks and Amazon gift cards, Hulu subscriptions, and other such prizes.

As long as you are actively using Microsoft Edge defined as having the Edge window open and actually using it to browse the web, not just having it open in the background you will get points that can be redeemed for prizes, up to 30 hours’ worth a month.

According to Business Insider, Windows 10 is on over 350 million active devices, the Edge browser has not quite made an impact that Microsoft had hoped for. Current numbers place Edge usage at just over 4.2% of the overall browser market. Microsoft now wants to give users a little extra incentive.

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All you need to do is to use Microsoft Bing as your default search engine in order to order to get your Microsoft Rewards points. For any reason if  you change your default to Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine, you won’t get points. If you want points, you need  use Bing.

Microsoft’s ambition to make Edge into a major market force could make it a lot easier for you to line your pockets. Besides, Microsoft Edge may just be the best way to watch Netflix your PC

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