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Samsung to remotely kill all Note 7’s after recall date expires?

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Samsung is yet to issue an official notice on this issue but then if this reddit post is anything to go by, it looks like Samsung’s French subsidiary will remotely deactivate all Galaxy Note 7 units that aren’t returned to the manufacturer by Friday, September 30.

It is uncertain how Samsung can pull this recall off  in other parts of the world, but Samsung will start shipping out a care package to all Galaxy Note 7 owners residing in France on Monday, September 19.

The package will contain   everything in a Note 7 box (Galaxy Note 7 unit,  VR headset)  and an instruction envelope that contains detailed info on how to disable the old one in the owners possession.

Judging by this revelation and a recent blog post on Samsung’s Newsroom, it looks like the firm is having difficulty convincing users to take part in its Exchange Program. However, threatening to render units useless will almost certainly do the trick.

From a financial perspective, Samsung needs to have the recall wrapped up as soon as possible.

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Analysts initially believed that this whole fiasco would cost the company around $1 billion, but the FAA’s recent advice against using the device on aircraft has seen its market value drop by as much as $10 billion.

This post is based on a reddit post and again Samsung has not officially  confirmed this report yet. 

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